Fundraisers – Lets face it, there is more to fundraising then meets the eye. Usually it takes a lot of coordination, selection of materials, graphic design, working events, and distribution. We can solve majority of the pain factors for you. PPE offers online web stores with your own custom domain, money management, event staffing, order fulfillment, etc. We can make the process of fundraising much easier then you would think!


Money Management

Money Management – Hey we get it Money is a pain to track, especially for fundraisers. We have the systems to take this burden off of your plate. You set your own pricing for what you want to sell, we deduct the our side of things and cut your school/company/team a check for the remainder.

  • Integrated Software that Tracks Fundraising Amounts
  • Full Service, We Collect and Remit Payment

Event Staffing


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