With embroidery, your artwork undergoes a transformation into a digitized format before being intricately sewn onto garments using specialized polyester thread and needles. At Parkville Promotional, we employ professional-grade threads and ZSK embroidery machines to craft custom headwear, sweaters, fleece, golf shirts, and jackets.


Custom Embroidery employs automated processes where our machines read digitized files to replicate patterns onto garments with stitching precision. Digitization is pivotal, converting your design into a digital stitching format ready for your garment. Embroidery thrives with logos featuring clear elements, as overly intricate designs may need simplification to optimize results.


To guarantee longevity, a fabric backing reinforces the stitched design inside the garment, preventing unraveling and ensuring enduring quality.

The cost of embroidered designs varies based on stitch count and size. For left chest designs, we typically recommend a maximum size of 4x4" for optimal results. Larger or more intricate designs incur higher stitch counts and associated costs.

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Before an artwork file can be embroidered onto a product, it must undergo digitization to convert it into the appropriate stitching format. Once a design has been digitized, it can be utilized across multiple products without additional digitizing costs.

What Can I Embroider?

Embroidery stands out as a premium, durable decoration method ideal for various headwear such as ball caps, toques, and beanies. Additionally, it's a fantastic option for hoodies, fleece garments, and a diverse array of corporate wear selections like golf polos, jackets, and certain bags. However, we generally advise against selecting embroidery for t-shirts. The dense stitching of an embroidered design may not complement the thin, lightweight fabric of t-shirts effectively.



Some of Our Embroidery Work

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