Direct Film Transfer (DFT) printing stands as an innovative technology, revolutionizing the custom apparel industry by offering a versatile and efficient solution for full-color printing on t-shirts and various clothing items. Unlike traditional screen printing, which necessitates individual screens for each color and faces limitations with intricate designs, DFT printing simplifies the process. It involves printing a digital design directly onto a special film, which is then heat sealed onto the fabric of the garment. This approach enables the creation of vibrant, high-resolution images with a broad spectrum of colors and intricate details.

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About The Process

The process commences with digitally printing the design onto a clear film coated with a light adhesive. DTF's adaptability is rooted in its utilization of a specialized ink capable of adhering to diverse fabric types, including cotton, polyester, and blends. Following ink application, a powder adhesive is added to the back of the printed film and cured to ensure a secure bond between the ink and adhesive. At Stay Golden Custom, our DFT transfers are crafted in-house using cutting-edge production equipment.

The final stage entails transferring the design from the film to the fabric via heat and pressure applied by our professional-grade heat presses. Our laser alignment system ensures precise positioning of the transfer on the garment for consistent and even placement. As heat activates the adhesive, the design bonds firmly to the fabric, while pressure ensures uniform embedding across the surface.

DTF printing excels in producing intricate, long-lasting, and vivid designs that endure multiple washes without fading or cracking. It's especially beneficial for short production runs, custom designs, or samples, where the setup time and costs associated with traditional screen printing methods pose challenges.

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Cost Effective

Direct Film Transfer (DFT) printing enables us to fulfill smaller quantity orders at a more cost-effective rate compared to screen printing. The setup time for preparing a print is significantly quicker than with traditional printing methods. Our digital printing process offers the flexibility to print designs with unlimited colors at lower quantities than screen printing, making it an ideal choice for projects requiring detailed designs or smaller batch sizes.

Full Custom

Heat transfer printing offers the flexibility to incorporate custom individual names or numbers onto nearly any garment. This feature serves as a valuable addition to orders for sports teams, companies, or organizations, enhancing the personalization of garments and making them uniquely special for your group or team.

Full Color High Detail

Direct Film Transfer (DFT) printing excels in reproducing logos with intricate detail, even at small sizes. This digital printing technique is capable of producing prints so sharp and precise that they can resemble photographs. Its versatility extends to various garment types, including jackets, bags, and headwear, making it an ideal choice for items that may pose challenges for other printing methods.

Some of Our Direct Film Transfer Work

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